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Unleash Your Business’s Full Potential with Workforce Positive! 

At Workforce Positive, we’re not just HR specialists – we’re catalysts for success. Picture this: harnessing the collective energy of your team to drive your business to new heights.

Fortify: Safeguard your business against the pitfalls of employment risks.
With our proven strategies, you’ll build a solid foundation for growth and prosperity.


Formulate: Turn your mission into actionable success pathways. Imagine
every team member knowing exactly how to contribute to your triumph every single day. We’ve turned this into a reality for countless businesses.

Future Realised: Experience a magnetic pull that attracts and retains like-minded individuals who share your vision. Your purpose, fulfilled. Your future, realised.

Kearin Lowry and Workforce positive team member Kate

Workforce Positive

As HR professionals, Workforce Positive are focussed on channelling Human Energy through best practice HR. In this pursuit we hold ourselves to the highest of standards through our Code of Ethics.  Our code governs our behaviours, rules and principles which we believe are fundamental to our business operations as HR Professionals.  

We take our responsibility for adding value to the organisations we serve and contributing to the ethical success of those organisations very seriously. We accept professional responsibility for our individual decisions and actions. We are also advocates for the HR profession by engaging in activities that enhance its credibility and value.  

You can find the full details of our Code of Ethics below.

successful employment relationships are built on trust and confidence.

-- Kearin Lowry

Our Services


Solidify your business for success with our battle-tested HR processes and systems.


Experience the dynamic shift as we ignite and channel human energy
within your organisation.


Witness the metamorphosis as your business lives and breathes its values
and strategies

The Workforce Positive Why

Realise your business goals!

We exist to channel human energy.  Every day when staff start work, they bring their energy, how they use their energy determines if a business succeeds.  Rework, poor service, conflict are all energy lost. 

HR systems and processes that ensure employees know what to do, when to do it and how to do it – ensure the most effective use of human energy in your business.  We design HR processes and systems that align your strategy with your day to day activity at every level of your organisation. 

This connection channels your human energy, provides every individual in your business the opportunity to succeed and you the opportunity to realise your business goals as an owner.

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