Meliorist (mel’io·rist) n.:

Improving the world by channelling human energy

If you’re interested in an energised,
collaborative workforce

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Add value through best practice HR.

Workforce Positive’s professional HR services are built from our best practice HR framework, developed from over 20 years of experience and study.

When I start working with a client the first priority is always understanding their current state of play – what’s keeping them up at night, what are they unsure about, and what’s holding them back from their goals. Focusing on resolving problems and getting the worries out of the way creates space for fresh thinking and empowered decisions.

There are three things that every business owner is looking for – positive customers, a tribe or following that love your products, and value the service that your team delivers.

Positive employees, a team of people who are motivated to do their best, improve products and services, and go above and beyond for customers.  A positive employee is dedicated and experienced, and shares that experience to benefit the greater business.

And, positive financials.  Financials that pave the way for security, lifestyle and supporting your family and loved ones.

Once your foundation is set,

the sky is the limit!

Create clarity with business strategy, values your team can connect to, effective job design and inspired communication. Retain your team and attract new talent as you grow the force. I will design a program for you and you business goals, no two business are identical and my approach will always reflect your path.

As a HR proffesional I’ve learnt to expect the unexpected – like theft, fraud, serious misconduct and grievances. Workplaces investigations and getting to the bottom of the serious issues to a key service that I offer. I will talk with you every step of the way and navigate the minefields as we go.

successful employment relationships are built on trust and confidence.

-- Kearin Lowry


Workforce positive offers specialists Human Resources services to enhance business performance. Every day in workplaces energy is expended by talking, planning, moving, doing and meeting. Imagine if that energy was grouped together and working together towards goals – imagine if that energy was a secret weapon, a force. That’s what Workforce Positive does, turns your team into a force.

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