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Workforce Positive shares Human Resource intel to help business owners retain and enrich their workforce, channelling their teams energy for the betterment of all.

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Channeling Human Energy to Drive Capacity


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Channeling Human Energy

Channeling Human Energy to drive capacity

Channeling Human Energy to drive capacity

Kearin explores the concept of empowering staff in the workplace with a science-based approach to people. Guest appearance on “The in Demand Accountant” Podcast

Human Resources during Crisis

Human Resources during Crisis

Kearin Lowry, founder and managing director of Workforce Positive makes a guest appearance on the Slipstream Coaching Podcast. Kearin discusses critical HR issues that are presenting during the Corona Virus crisis

S1 E1 Preventing January Resignations

S1 E1 Preventing January Resignations

The end of year can be a stressful time. Deadlines loom. For many businesses, there is a date which is "Knock off" day for the year. We're all holding out for the break, particularly if it's been a hard year, as 2020 has. Christmas parties are being organised....