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Workplace Inappropriate Podcast

The Workplace Inappropriate podcast was created with the intent of changing the conversation around human resources and enabling workplaces to have more candid chats about tough situations at work. Each month, we sit down and navigate a new topic that involves challenging scenarios of modern workplaces that we usually avoid or don’t know how to talk about. We aren’t here to bore you or shove employment legislation down your throat, but rather we want to provide our audience with authentic advice, information and hopefully a few laughs.  So, if you’re contemplating asking out your new desk buddy or even trying to deal with a serial lunch thief, listen in for some real advice from HR professionals!

The Workplace Inappropriate Podcast is brought to you by HR Consultancy, Workforce Positive, as a business, we bring the best of HR to our clients. This includes implementing training and education as preventative measures for bullying and harassment. We value the importance of authentic conversations and training, focussing on the ‘real’ issues in the workplace and changing the culture around HR.  If you want to learn more about how Workplace Inappropriate Training can help you fulfill your positive duty in building a workplace free from bullying and harassment, please contact us.

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Psychosocial Safety Employer Information

Managing the Risk of Psychosocial Hazards at Work

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Recruitment Insights White Paper 2022!

Read about our predictions for the future and observations on the current recruitment market.

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2021 update

Sex Discrimination and Fair Work Amendment Act 2021

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