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Kearin Lowry

Kearin Lowry


Near 20 years of HR professional experience has led Kearin to focus on the most important aspects of Human Resources – our communication, leadership and culture. These elements define the employment experience and business success.

Kearin’s career background with large businesses set a foundation for Industrial Relations, HR Processes and Employment Relations.  As a HR Generalist she established the HR functions for various domestic and international organisations including: manufacturing, publicly listed businesses and Government agencies.  From there Kearin worked in a professional services practice and began her path toward consulting on HR matters, performance and employment relations.

Kearin launched Workforce Positive to Channel Human Energy into HR. To support business owners and leaders who wanted to do HR differently. Workforce Positive provides a full range of HR support and advice services and specialises in enhancing leadership skills for management teams and business owners. The ultimate goal of our programs is for leaders to implement values, decision making frameworks and processes and create a ‘cultural response’ in that business; where leaders work together as agents of the business culture.

Kate Program Coordinator

Kate Owen

Program Coordinator & Associate HR Consultant

Kate is our exceptionally organised Program Coordinator and Associate HR Consultant, managing the many and varied client engagements of the practice as well as the crazy life and diary of our Director, Kearin.

Commencing her studies in HR whilst completing her high school education, Kate attained her HeadStart certificate in HR from University of Southern Queensland in 2021.  In 2022 Kate commenced her Bachelor Business, also with University of Southern Queensland, majoring in HR and a second major in Finance.  Kate is currently completing her final year of tertiary study and has excelled in balancing the demands of her work.

Bringing to the table extensive experience as a Law Clerk and Hospitality Management, Kate’s attention to detail and ability to problem solve and engage with people are assets to her and Workforce Positive.  Kate is passionate in the experience of employees and how modern workplace practices are evolving to support changes in our communities, globally.

Pragmatic in her thinking and professional in her approach, Kate is excited to be applying her tertiary education at Workforce Positive and having a positive impact on business by delivering best practice HR services to our clients.

Meliorist (mel’io·rist) n.:

Improving the world by channelling human energy


Zoe Grahl

Associate HR Consultant

Zoe is a budding HR professional with a strong academic background and practical experience in fostering positive workplace cultures. She graduated from the Queensland Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology in 2020 and is now undertaking her final year at the Australian National University, completing a dual degree in Commerce and Psychology. As a psychology student, Zoe has honed her understanding of human behaviour, particularly in organisational contexts, feuling her passion for the science behind HR and effective communication.

Coming from a background in customer-service based roles, Zoe considers herself a people person, valuing interpersonal communication and meaningful working relationships.  Additionally, Zoe’s coursework has equipped her with skills in negotiation and management, which she translates into real-world settings. She is committed to leveraging her knowledge to devise innovative solutions that drive organisational success.

Having recently returned from an  exchange program at the University of Leeds, Zoe brings a global perspective to her work. She is now focused on making a lasting impact as part of the Workforce Positive team.

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