S1 E1 Preventing January Resignations

Dec 4, 2020

The end of year can be a stressful time. Deadlines loom. For many businesses, there is a date which is “Knock off” day for the year. We’re all holding out for the break, particularly if it’s been a hard year, as 2020 has. Christmas parties are being organised. Everyone is ready to let down their hair, right? 

But, how have you prepared your team to end the year with optimism so they can return to work without looming dread?
The simple answer is have a process to close out the year, acknowledge the achievements and reset your team’s focus to the future with optimism and a sense of purpose. An employee who is looking forward is not looking for another role.

Step 1 : Ritual

Acknowledge the achievements of the year

It is tempting to offer a token gift or have a team celebration and call it a day, however, reflecting on the enormity of the year and accomplishments can be equally beneficial to your team’s morale and connection to their role. People who care about their job and clients do not just switch-off when they step away from work.

They take with them mental loading of everything their work environment entails, from job satisfaction to feelings of being valued. Consider not only asking them about what they’re most proud of, but share with them what you’re most proud of them for. Show your team that you have been paying attention to their

Positive tip

Success Profiling

Your team member’s Success Profile is an incredibly valuable tool and will facilitate your Ritual. At the end of the calendar year all of the priorities and success measures can be accumulated for the discussion. You can also discuss the next Quarter and draw their attention forward.

Step 2 : Success Profile

Growth of the Individual = Strength of the Whole

The Success Profile is crucial to the ongoing development of your team. While many organisations have some form of position description in their business, very few make clear what success looks like. When every role in the business has a clear roadmap to success the strategy will flow into actuality successes.

A team with well implemented Success Profiles:

  • Feel connected and purposeful
  • Are accountable
  • Improve productivity
  • Collectively achieve the Strategy


Positive tip

Success Culture

Every team member, no matter the business, wants a sense of achievement, Getting wins on the board a wiinning team, and we all like to win. Give your team the best shot at the strategy by showing them what success looks like.

Step 3 : Prepare

A Goal without a plan is just a wish

Antoine de Saint-Eupery

Consider helping your team plan for the end of year workflow. What must be done? Have they planned their diary to allow time for it to be achieved? If you don’t want your team to leave with “Mind Fire,” this is very important to plan.

A team member who cares will leave on the last day of the year, but take all of the stress of anything not completed and dwell on it, not to mention have the concerns of what has cropped up, that cannot be anticipated, while on leave. What is a simple solution for this problem? Cut losses and find a new job.

Part of your ritual conversation can be to discuss ending the year workflow and the potential “Mind Fire” events over the break. Hosing down the Mind Fire will pave the way for your team to check-out, rest, and recuperate. Making the most of their leave and personal time out.

Step 4 : Give Permission

Don’t Have to plan to reflect

…But only when you’re not at work. While reflection is an improvement tool, it’s okay not to reflect over the break. It’s okay to be in the moment and not think about work; after all, we work to live. We don’t live to work. Giving permission to your team to switch off sounds simple, but it can be very important to them.

A caring team member will give you many reasons why they can’t (take note of these ones, they care about your business success as much as you do). Value and acknowledge their dedication, ensure they have the tools and support to prepare for the end of year, but encourage them to practice mindfulness over the break. Acknowledge they can be given time to centre themselves on their return.

Would you like to implement an end-of-year ritual to process the year that was and focus your team to the future? 
We can help.


Contact me to discuss ideas that will be suitable for your business.

Kearin Lowry

Meliorist & Director

E1 Channelling Human Energy Podcast Episode 1

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