Do’s and Don’ts of the workplace Christmas Party

Dec 15, 2022

Ever had an awkward moment at work where you felt like disappearing from thin air instantly? Be it a joke-not-a-joke, an overstepping senior, or an inappropriate interaction at the workplace Christmas party … some things make you want to avoid work at all costs. Before we discuss ways to navigate them, how do we figure out what behaviors are appropriate or inappropriate? How do we respond to awkward workplace situations without them impacting our job? 

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The Workplace Christmas party

With office Christmas parties already on the rise, hosts Kearin, Kate, and Zoe chat about the first steps of caution to avoid awkward situations while still enjoying your party. Remember, although they are still in a professional setting, you can always have a blast at your company parties!

On a Christmas-special episode today, learn the office party dos and don’ts – drinking, controversial topics, office romance, networking, and a lot more, unfiltered! The Workplace Inappropriate podcast is all about addressing all those taboo conversations in workplaces so you can navigate your professional life comfortably and candidly!


Here are just a few quick lessons to help you enjoy and get the most out of your workplace Christmas party

1. Be mindful of the economics of free drinks. Usually, more bad than good comes from knocking back unlimited drinks. It’s okay to have a few drinks but be mindful of how much you are consuming.

2. Don’t get too drunk, it might lead to embarrassing behavior. It’s important to remember that you still have to work with these people after the party, and you don’t want to do anything that could harm your professional reputation.

3. Use the party as an opportunity to get to know your coworkers and build relationships. It’s a great chance to socialize and have fun, but also be mindful of your behavior and how it could affect your professional relationships.

4. Don’t overshare. Though it’s easy to overshare when taken out of a professional setting, be mindful of what is appropriate.

5. Not all jokes are funny! Avoid cracking jokes that could cause more conflict than laughter


“Make it fun and comfortable for everybody. People have a workplace personality and a home personality. The Christmas Party is trying to integrate the two of them. Give people a little insight into you without getting a little too nervous or embarrassed.”

 “One of the ways you can make the most of the Christmas party is to meet as many people as possible.”

 “Don’t be afraid to joke around with your boss as well. Your boss is still your friend. And they want to have fun as well. So don’t tiptoe around them. But just be mindful of what type of jokes you are saying and be careful what you’re saying about the boss to other people.” 

“There is a difference between a peck and aggressive making out.” 

“Dancing on the table is good! A nice, low, study table”  

“Just come to work with a badge saying, ‘I know, I’m sorry’”

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Kearin Lowry

Meliorist & Director

Kearin Lowry

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