Relationships at work

Jan 20, 2023

Is it okay to ask your co-worker on a date? How many times can you ask them out? What do the policies have to say about office romances? Find answers in today’s episode of Workplace Inappropriate, where we discuss relationships at work and everything workplace romance related! 

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Relationships at work

First things first, having a consensual relationship with a work colleague is not against the law; just remember, read your company policy. Even if company policy permits it, relationships in the workplace are very delicate, so you need a level of self-awareness and respect. You shouldn’t be too persistent, if someone says no, take it as a no. In fact, friendship to romance transitions are usually the best way to go, get to know someone before asking them out! When you do pursue a workplace romance, there is lots to think about, so get ready for A LOT of communication with your partner.

Remember, these conversations are a part of all our lives! We need to talk about it.


Here are just a few quick lessons to help you with relationships at work

1. Asking out a person at work is not against the law. Just remember to always try to read the signals and understand the policies before you try

2. If you like a person in your workplace and want to make your relationship work, then one person might have to think about getting a job elsewhere. This can restore a workplace environment you are comfortable with.

3. Try to understand if a person is being flirty with you by looking at how they treat others. Some people are extremely friendly, and people tend to think that they are flirting with them which can make the other person uncomfortable.

4. Don’t show big gestures when you are asking someone out for the first time. It can make the other person feel uncomfortable in front of others.

5. Try to keep your personal relationship outside of your workplace as it tends to make other coworkers uncomfortable. If you want to discuss you rtinder with your friends, try doing it at lunch break or in your free time outside your work environment.

6. If you feel that somebody is making you uncomfortable, try to confront them first with direct communication


“So if you’re crushing on someone at work, or someone’s asked you out, and you’re not really sure if you should say yes or no, my first point of call would be looking at a policy.”

“Like, if you are talking to them in the same way that they see you interact with everybody, then that should be a bit of an indicator to them that that is just how you engage. And sometimes your role requires you to be friendly.” 

“You kind of have to go into those situations with a mindset of, I’m only going to talk about work, or I’m going to talk about my hobbies and interests, and I don’t want to have a workplace relationship. Because the second that you do, it completely changes the dynamics.”

“I bet that most people, even if they feel uncomfortable, they’re not going to tell you. They’re going to tell someone else.”


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