Do I have to Like Everyone at Work?

Apr 4, 2023

Have a coworker you don’t gel with? You’re not alone! In fact, it’s more common than you think. We’re only human, we can’t like everyone. So, how do you deal with coworkers you don’t like? Who do you talk to about their behaviour? Today on Workplace Inappropriate, Kearin, Zoe, and Average Joe sit down to talk about different ways you can handle coworkers you dislike.

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Do you have to like everyone at work?

It can be hard to talk about or do something about the annoying things that our coworkers do in the workplace, so let’s have a real, candid chat about it! Listen in as the trio shares their personal pet peeves along with their experiences of (some pretty bad) workplace annoyances. From smelly lunches and lazy work ethics to stealing food from the communal fridge, they shine light on it all! Whether it’s the clique-y coworkers that don’t include you at lunch or the lazy coworker that doesn’t do their job, we want to help you find peace and joy at work again. Listen in to hear the tips, advice, and perspectives of two HR pros plus an Average Joe that barely knows a thing about HR.

In this episode, they cover:

  • Tips and advice for dealing with coworkers you don’t like.
  • How to approach including and excluding coworkers at lunch and other gatherings.
  • Coping with loneliness in a clique-y workplace.
  • The difference between professional relationships and friendships and why you don’t have to have both.
  • How to be professional with people you don’t like.
    What does HR do when there’s a conflict between employees?
  • The most effective ways to give feedback to your coworkers and make changes in your workplace (without getting on HR’s hit list).

The good news is you have OPTIONS! You have options for how to deal with coworkers you don’t like and options if you’re the disliked coworker. Either way, we have your back.

Let us know… Do you have a coworker you don’t like? What don’t you like about them? We want to hear from you! DM on Instagram!


Appropriate Quotes

“I personally find having a good manager is everything to a workplace. So, if my manager hates me or I don’t really like them or I don’t respect them, then I’ll probably try and find another job.” – Zoe

“A lot of the reason people don’t like working with other people is they feel like they either do more of the job or they don’t do their part… Transparency is the key. If you have to do something with someone else, document it, write the emails, have the project plan, make it clear that you’ve done your bit, they’ve not done their bit, let someone at the next level deal with it. You don’t have to take it into your own hands.” – Kearin

“If I don’t like someone at work, it’s okay, but if I don’t like someone at work, I can’t ostracize them. I can’t just cut them off, I have to try and include them. And if that’s not working and they’re still annoying, I can just basically ignore them, but if I’m the one being ignored because I’m not liked at work, I can go to my manager or there’s other options available to me rather than just quit.” – Average Joe

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