What is annoying at work?

Feb 6, 2023

What is and isn’t annoying at work? Today on Workplace Inappropriate, Zoe, Kate, and Kearin talk through Google’s list of common workplace annoyances, how to avoid becoming the annoying coworker, and how to cope with annoyances in the office.

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Do you have annoying coworkers? Are YOU the annoying coworker?

It can be hard to talk about or do something about the annoying things that our coworkers do in the workplace, so let’s have a real, candid chat about it! Listen in as the trio shares their personal pet peeves along with their experiences of (some pretty bad) workplace annoyances. From smelly lunches and lazy work ethics to stealing food from the communal fridge, they shine light on it all!

In this episode, they cover:
1. Zoe’s, Kate’s, and Kearin’s biggest pet peeves at the office.
2. The most annoying workplace habits and behaviors, according to Google.
3. Tips for coping with annoying or disruptive coworkers.
4. The power of self-awareness at work.

Let’s remember that self-awareness gets you farther than you might think. Once you become aware of your habits and behaviors, you can make sure they’re truly benefitting both your company culture and your coworkers, not hindering or annoying them. If we all try to be just a little more self-aware, we might not dread Mondays so much!

Let us know… Do you think listening to music at work is annoying? What’s the most annoying thing you’ve experienced at work? Did you find a solution? We want to hear from you!

“Has anyone ever used noise cancelling headphones just to block out other peoples’ sound without anything playing?”

“I think just being self-aware in the workplace is the best idea.”

“If you hate it, though, why are you there?”

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Meet the Hosts:
Kearin – Director of Workforce Positive
Kate – Program Coordinator and Executive Assistant
Zoe – HR Services Intern

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