Setting Boundaries at Work

May 18, 2023

Are you struggling to set boundaries at work? Do you feel like someone is crossing your boundary and you don’t know what to do about it? We’ve got some tips and tricks we’d like to share with you! Today on Workplace Inappropriate, Kearin, Zoe, and Kate talk about how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in your workplace – something every professional, from intern to CEO, needs to know. You also need to know when your boundaries are being crossed and when you’re crossing someone else’s boundaries, so let’s discuss!

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Setting Boundaries at Work

Whether or not you love your job and your coworkers, you still need to establish and maintain boundaries at work, especially between your work life and personal life. Boundaries can help prevent burnout, stress and anxiety, harassment, and awkward or inappropriate workplace situations. Beyond that, research shows that setting work-life boundaries actually increases productivity! So, why aren’t we prioritizing them?

In this episode, they cover:

    • How the pandemic affected work-life boundaries.
    • Why it’s important to establish boundaries at work.
    • Different types of boundaries you can set at work and with coworkers.
    • How to take time off work without feeling guilty for it.
    • Cultivating a healthy, balanced relationship with productivity.
    • How boundaries prevent stress and burnout.
    • How much of my personal life can I talk about at work? How much is too much?
    • How to know if you’re crossing someone’s boundaries at work.
    • Avoiding coworkers who cross your personal boundaries at work.
    • Why it’s crucial to learn to ask for help as a professional.
    • What to do if older coworkers are undermining you because of your age.

Let us know… Are you struggling to set boundaries at work? Have you found success in setting work-life boundaries? We want to hear from you! DM us on Instagram!



Appropriate Quotes

“I think there’s a level of acceptance that comes with saying, you know, there are 24 in a day and if it doesn’t happen today and it happens tomorrow, the house didn’t burn down.” – Kearin
“I think it’s such a notion of if you’re young in the workplace that you can’t have a voice. Well, you do. You’re still a person who works in the workplace and you still have a voice in the workplace, so you need to raise it if something’s not right for you.” – Zoe
“People feel too obligated or they feel like they are so relied upon at work that they cannot take time off. But it’s like, the business, it’s not going to crumble if you take a week off.” – Kate

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