Let’s Talk Social Media

Oct 26, 2023

Today on Workplace Inappropriate, the team is discussing all things social media in and out of the workplace. They share their thoughts and opinions on what’s appropriate to post on personal/professional social media accounts, the true impact of cancel culture and cyberbullying, and the ethics of recruiters looking at your social media profiles. Plus, Kearin shares the top two things employers care about regarding their employees’ social media usage (from an employer’s perspective).

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Let’s talk Social Media

How private should we keep our social media profiles from employers and recruiters? What types of content should we think twice about posting online if we want to get/keep our job? Should we let our freak flags fly on the internet or should we keep our profiles more curated? These are the golden questions!

In this episode, they cover:

    • Should there be a difference between how you present yourself on personal and professional social media accounts?
    • Do recruiters look at your social media profiles?
    • Is it ethical for recruiters to judge a job candidate based on their social media?
    • How to protect your privacy from coworkers and recruiters.
    • Is cancel culture a good thing? Is it ever productive to cancel someone?
    • The most common way young people are resigning… is posting on TikTok?!
    • The true impact of posting your opinions online.
    • The ethics of posting your kids on social media.
    • How social media is a valuable asset for businesses.
Let us know… Have you ever been fired or punished for something you posted on social media? What’s your stance on cancel culture? Would you post your kids online? We want to hear from you! DM us on Instagram!

Appropriate Quotes

“A lot of stuff that’s put up [on social media] is not real and I think it’s created a lot of issues in our society.”
“What I do at home shouldn’t have anything to do with what I do at work.” – Average Joe
“Be careful of who’s following you and what you post because everyone talks, everyone screenshots.” – Kate

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Meet the Hosts:

Kearin – Director of Workforce Positive 

Kate – Program Coordinator and Executive Assistant

Zoe – HR Services Intern

Megan – HR & Ethical Recruitment Advisor

Average Joe – just an Average Joe off the street

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